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Fitness and Sports Trainers

As we all know, health and nutrition are incomplete without fitness. Getting the right workout for your body type, requirement and physical capability is a scientific expertise which only a thorough professional can take you through. Doing a basic cardio is one thing but pushing your body to reach it’s optimum is the real challenge which only a qualified trainer can help you achieve. Optimize your efforts and achieve what your body is best capable of. Our internationally certified trainers help you invest your time and energy to achieve health, fitness and not to mention a fabulous toned body.


This plan comprises of –


  • Initial Client Consultation - Fitness Assessment & Risk Stratification
  • Endurance Training - Marathon / Muscle / Basic
  • Mind and Body Balance
  • Neuro-Muscular Facilitation - Functional / Core training
  • Metabolic and Dynamic Movement
  • Sport Specific Speed and Agility Training
  • Resistance, Strength and Power training – Body Building
  • Fitness on the Go (Exclusive Travel Workout Plans)


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