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Silk Nectar


They sway quietly by the seaside, swinging gracefully to the sound of the waves, a sea of pink under a turquoise sky. Their aroma tinges the air with a rosy hue, as it travels to lands afar. All the way to your choicest of roses and hibiscus…. the most exquisite tea leaves give you a brew that's sweet and relaxing now unfold a secret to your shiny mane. The delicate taste that lingers long after the cup is gone. 



Scientific studies have proven that rose petals and green tea leaves are beneficial in : 

  • Weight Loss 
  • Nourishes hair and prevents hair loss
  • Eases muscle and menstrual cramps 
  • Providing relief from insomnia and stress 
  • Detoxifies your system for glowing skin

Ingredients :

Rose Petals, Hibiscus, Green Tea Leaves, natural rose flavoring



@80C/175F for 3 Min covered

Hot : One tea bag    or 2 g

Iced : Two tea bags  or 4g

For a stronger brew, add more tea, not brewing time                                                  


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