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Ragi Chutney



Chia seeds /nachni / Ragi powder-2 tbsp

Black Til-1 tbsp

Flaxseeds(Alsi)-1 tbsp

Curry leaves- few

Salt-to taste

Chilli powder-to taste




1.       Roast nachni/ chia seeds, black til and curry leaves in a pan.

2.       Separately roast the flaxseeds for not more than 2 minutes.

3.       Grind them together in a dry mixer /grinder adding little salt and chilli powder as per flavor.

4.        Do not over grind as the mixture may get sticky.

5.       Refrigerate, can be prepared weekly.Consume 4-6 tsp a day with meals.

Tags: Accompaniments Chutney /Sauces /Pickles, veg, ragi, home remedy, recipe
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