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Methi Fish


 1 bunch cleaned and chopped Methi leaves

 300g Fish

 2 tsp Ginger garlic paste

 2 med Tomatoes

Dry spices- modify as per taste (red chilli powder, turmeric n amchur powder)

Salt to taste




1.Grate 2 medium tomatoes.

2.Sauté the puree in a pan for a few mintes on low flame.

3.Add the ginger garlic paste along with dry spices and let cook till it forms thick gravy.

4.Add cleaned and chopped methi leaves, cover and let cook.

5.Finally when the methi is done add the fish pcs, cover n let cook.

6.Fish can also be marinated in salt n turmeric powder for 1 hr prior , adjust salt accordingly.

7. Serve hot with brown or red rice

Methi chicken may be prepared similary in a pressure cooker instead.

Tags: Vegetables, non-vegetarian, methi, fish, tomatoes, spices, recipe
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