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Testimonials for 'Slim'

By: Shrishti On: 2015-06-05
History -

I have been under Tripti for more than two years now and I can first say that she is an Angel! She is the best dietician in the universe! She has actually helped to reduce weight from 76 to 56, get better skin, hair and simply everything! I feel completely awesome! Thanks a lot Tripti!I love You!!

By: Sangita Topiwala On: 2015-06-05
Sangita Topiwala
History -

Started my journey with iPink since June 14. It is my second time with tripti. She has been a great guide, practical more like a friend &inspiring with lots of positivity. I lost almost 4kgs in 3 months & I am very happy about it. It has helped me to look healthier, leaner, attractive & toned. I could get my face tone the way I had in my teens. I can now wear short dresses which I was shy of.


Thank you Tripti & a special thanks to your staff as well for being polite, persistent, co-operative.



By: Mithilesh Arya On: 2015-06-05
Mithilesh Arya
History -

Feeling lighter, easy to travel, mind is very much at calm now and I am happy. Very proactive, don’t feel hot as before, feel fresh all the day, very much alert, sleep has improved. Good sleep for 7 1/2 hour, getting compliments, looking healthy & younger.

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