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Testimonials for 'Maintenance'

By: Debopauma On: 2015-06-05
History -

I have a lovely experience, very flexible, yet focused plan. Feel better healthier, mere energetic and happier and also enjoyed the chats and conversation. Was very keen to have my husband also start and he has! Thanks again Tripti!

By: Harneet Julka On: 2015-06-05
Harneet Julka
History -

Experience was good. I achieved what I wanted. Thanks to Tripti who helped me in achieving my target.

By: Sanjoy Mallik On: 2015-06-05
Sanjoy Mallik
History -

I have benefited immensely after following Tripti Gupta’s advice. The standout feature of her consulting style is that she doesn’t force you to eat/not eat something you’re not fond of which really helps in compliance. I feel lighter, fitter and more energetic now. I feel much better about myself and my improved health has done a world of good to me in my personal and professional life. I will highly recommend her for her professionalism and expertise in helping people who need assistance in leading.


A healthier life. Thanks Tripti.         

By: Nikita On: 2015-06-05
History -

HEY…it was a wonderful experience for me as I have never really done a diet and thought could never ever be told what to eat or not to eat, I felt very light and energetic , I think that was SHE most important thing .

By: Gaurav Gandhi On: 2015-06-05
Gaurav Gandhi
History -

Quite insistent on a healthy way, which of course helps keep fit. Very motivating and helpful. Looking forward to being fit.


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