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Testimonials for 'Weight Loss'

By: Naveen Tahilyani- Lifestyle Corporate On: 2014-11-01
Naveen Tahilyani- Lifestyle Corporate
History -

This is note of thanks for putting my health and fitness back on track in double quick time. I have lost 6.6 kgs in 5 weeks by just following your very simple and yet practical diet. I had been frustrated for a very long time since despite a lot of exercise I was putting on weight. Your diet has worked wonders. I have been able to follow your prescription despite my super hectic travel. My exercise regime has become simpler and easier, my speed of running has improved. I look forward to losing another 4-5 kilos in double quick time. Thanks again!

By: Gopi Krishnan- Lifestyle Politician On: 2014-11-01
Gopi Krishnan- Lifestyle Politician
History -

In 3 months, 11 kg weight loss! Having tried to lose weight with a dietician’s advice and endless gym sessions. I knew I had to get back to Tripti and she did wonderful!! Having lost 11 kgs in 3 months, I am confident that I’ll achieve the next part of my weight and fitness target soon

Thanks Tripti!!!

By: Ashmeet Kaur Sehgal - Lifestyle Student On: 2014-10-31
Ashmeet Kaur Sehgal - Lifestyle Student
History -

To Tripti,

All I can say is THANK YOU! I was just stuck at a particular weight and despite joining a very prestigious gym and working out, my weight would not BUDGE!

Then, a friend recommended iPink and I took a leap of faith and believe me, I was not disappointed. I lost 6kgs of FAT. Not muscle, not water but pure fat, and that too, without rigorous exercise or starvation.

I ate according to the diet plan, made smart eating choices and Tripti was and is always more than helpful to clear all diet- related doubts. Plus, I came to know about my vitamin deficiencies and stopped doing trial and error.

Now I’m more energetic, more healthy and definitely more confident.

Thanks Tripti.

By: Jaideep Gandhi- Lifestyle Businessman On: 2014-11-01
Jaideep Gandhi- Lifestyle Businessman
History -

“They laughed when I sat to play the piano”

I was always pink but never ‘iPink’ ! The “I can’t” syndrome existed for ages till I was introduced to Tripti…and slowly but gradually,  calorie by calorie, my confidence kept growing to  “I can.”

20 kgs minus over a year and half they say is slow but to me what’s important is consistency! Consistency remains. A change is no change till it is noticed! Thank you for this noticeable difference you created in my life.  It is as valuable as a teacher who creates that little spark in a child’s mind and gives the spark of wisdom! Weight reduction done with increment fun is the real way to enjoy “iPinkness”. Ready to enroll as a lifetime client.

Abundant energy is the real by-product.

By: Kamna Datwani- Lifestyle Entrepreneur On: 2014-10-31
Kamna Datwani- Lifestyle Entrepreneur
History -

I joined Tripti in March when I weighed 87.2 kgs and today I weigh 67.3 kgs. I lost 20 kgs in just one year and it has made a world of difference. The beauty of it is that I have lost by eating and not by starving as I used to do before meeting Tripti. I have been advised to eat every few hours.  Throughout the program I have either lost or maintained the weight but never gained weight in spite of cheating, travelling or fasting.

Cheers to Tripti, who has been a wonderful person and Dietitian. In short A GREAT EXPERIENCE!

My energy levels have been very good, metabolism has improved. When I started my metabolic age was 75yrs and today it Is 59yrs.

All thanks to Tripti.

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