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Testimonials for 'Slim'

By: Dr. Amit & Pallavi Baillur - Lifestyle Dentist On: 2014-11-01
Dr. Amit & Pallavi Baillur - Lifestyle Dentist
History Couple Combo - Bridal

I am really happy with the weight loss. My skin is also glowing now. I used to have a very tough time losing weight before I met Tripti, she has made me lose weight naturally in all the right places so easily. Thank you so much!!!

By: Sristi Kakkar- Lifestyle Student On: 2014-10-31
Sristi Kakkar- Lifestyle Student
History -

I have been under Tripti for more than two years now and I can first say that she is an Angel! She is the best dietician in the universe! She has actually helped me reduce my weight from 76 to 56, get better skin ,hair and simply everything!I feel completely awesome! Thanks a lot Tripti!I love You!!

By: Mishkat Ahmed- Lifestyle Corporate On: 2014-10-31
Mishkat Ahmed- Lifestyle Corporate
History -

Thanks Tripti, you have helped me get back in shape so smoothly and got glowing for my wedding with your Slim & Glow Plan. I never thought I could follow a diet before! 

By: Vaidehi - Lifestyle Designer On: 2014-10-31
Vaidehi - Lifestyle Designer
History Constipation, Acne, Pigmentation

I am very happy not only with the weight loss, but also with the way I have lost! ! Feel healthy, brighter  and more confident. I am going to treat this process as as a life style and continue the way I am eating. I love it. Thank you Tripti….this was great!

By: Nancy Thakkar- Lifestyle Homemaker On: 2014-11-01
Nancy Thakkar- Lifestyle Homemaker
History -

Dr. Tripti and iPink are something to which I am really grateful. She just happened to me and I am willing to make it last forever. What a lifestyle change can do to a person is something I have learnt from Tripti and I still have a long way to go. No words are enough to thank you. Thank you so so much Tripti...You are Awesome!

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