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Testimonials for 'Special Segment Wellness Plan'

By: Taranjeet Kaur- Lifestyle Housewife On: 2015-12-18
Taranjeet Kaur- Lifestyle Housewife
History -

I am very happy with my weight loss and  I am enjoying my new personality just because of you.So very thankful to you.Love you mam. Have a nice day and god bless you.

By: Geeta Singh- Lifestyle Teacher On: 2014-10-31
Geeta Singh- Lifestyle Teacher
History Irregular cycle, borderline sugar with insulin, low stamina

I Geeta Singh was on infertility treatment since  year 2004. I had three miscarriages during 2004-2007. In march 2008 I had taken a diet plan from Ms Tripti and within a month my weight was reduced around 3 kg , my Diabetes was normal because of diet and I conceived in the same month.Thanks to Ms Tripti because of her support and diet plan I delivered a healthy baby-boy on 11th November 2008.

By: Koshi Munshi- Lifestyle Professor On: 2014-10-31
Koshi Munshi- Lifestyle Professor
History Hypertension, Constipation, Depression

Tripti, I think I was destined to come to you and it's a blessed feeling. My painful knee and heel is as good as before. No more dizziness due to B.P. It is well in control. I am a NEW and happy person. All because of you and your fantastic diet..God bless !!

By: Usha Singh- Lifestyle Housewife On: 2014-10-31
Usha Singh- Lifestyle Housewife
History Anxiety

It is a great feeling to be lighter , happier and healthier.Looking forward to join you again.Thanks a lot.


By: Sanjita Israni- Lifestyle Housewife On: 2014-10-31
Sanjita Israni- Lifestyle Housewife
History -

I am really delIghted with my health and weight. Thanks Tripti.You have been responsible not only for my weight loss, but also complete wellness. I feel great. I owe this to you!!!


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